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Since the rise of e-commerce, the shopping landscape has transformed drastically. Every year more and more consumers decide they’d rather shop from the comfort of their home instead of having to go into a physical shop. However, not everyone has been able to afford to adapt with the online shopping trend.  


That’s where Wish enters the equation. Wish is a mobile shopping app that offers insanely low prices on just about everything. Wish's mission is to provide everyone with access to affordable e-commerce, regardless of socioeconomic status. How did we do this? By optimizing our network of merchants, improving our logistics, and passing on the savings to our customers.

We are currently located in over 81 countries with 70 million+ active users. Every day over 3 million products are sold on our platform. We’re excited to have you onboard so that you can help others start shopping the lowest prices on earth!

Quick Facts:

Mission: To offer the most affordable, convenient, and effective mobile shopping experience


The #1 shopping app on the Google Play Store and #2 on the App Store


Located internationally in 81 countries with 70 million+ active users

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